Not only is that the question of the day, since the news came out about Lance Armstrong being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and being banned from the sport of cycling all together by USADA. He was faced with the decision to head into arbitration since his lawsuit was thrown out, and the LiveStrong founder decided to walk away and take the repercussions.

Okay, so let’s think about this. We get it; steroids, blood doping, performance enhancing drugs, shoot even Power Balance bands can all be thought of as cheating or even illegal (ummmm, Melky Cabrera). But, in the case of Lance Armstrong…should we really care? The guy has done more for the sport of cycling than the Roku has done for Microsoft, and don’t you think beating cancer…twice is more of an accomplishment than any yellow jersey victory?

Oh, it’s about the kids you say? True, I think setting a good example of doing things on the straight and narrow is what GenY need these days, but I don’t think athletes trying to better their performance even if it is by using performance enhancing drugs is necessarily completely bad.

Now before you t-off on me, ask yourselves why you watch sports in the first place? Participating in them personally is a whole other Oprah. It’s the competition, the rush, and ultimately the win! If this is the goal, then why not regulate the performance enhancing drugs and allow all professional athletes to take them? Then we leave it up to the person or maybe the team. We all know those drugs are not so performance enhancing outside of the sports (that is unless you want marble sized balls boys, or a giant Adam’s apple and mustache ladies. I leave that up to personal choice :-)).

Oaky so now you will ask, well then everyone will feel the pressure to take them in order to compete if they know the guy/girl next to them is definitely doing it. Isn’t there pressure already to ultimately be the best? Endorsement dollars run high in this arena. Also, all theses supplements and vitamins- what about those? Most are not regulated or even tested by the FDA.

So I will leave you with this…clean off the bird shit from your glass covered houses and just think about this thing as whole. I feel better wearing my yellow LiveStrong bracelet knowing I support the cure and help for those affected by nut cancer, moreover then the fact that a guy just wants some peace and quiet around his household.

What are your thoughts?

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