Casual Work OutfitThis is my inspiration for my work outfit on Friday. Have you used Polyvore yet? For all you fashion fanatics and beauty board followers, check it out!


Only thing to do when you’re bored…take pics of the shoes you are wearing at the time of ensued boredom!

A small investment to live out a big dream to be 5’9 1/2”. Well, not really, only because in my adulthood I have always enjoyed being 5’4”. These shoes however will complete me this summer in LA.

I first saw them at, but unfortunately they sold out in my size (7) in mere hours. However, since they are designed by Jessica Simpson, I knew they could be well stocked at Macy’s. Bingo!

And for future shoe reference, one of my fave online stores is Not only do they have a vast array of amazing shoes, they do next day shipping for free! And if the size you ordered doesn’t fit, have no fear…they cover that as well. Free return shipping too.


Only 30 were made!


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