So I am definitely a girl who likes workout classes. You will find me running in Manhattan Beach often times, but when I need great motivation and killer cardio I tend to lean on fitness group classes. I think it goes back to me being a professional dancer for six years with the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders. I feed off of others energy, as well as learn the style of something new in addition to technique. Plus it’s just more fun! Here are two new (relatively) and totally inspiring trends in the fitness world.

1. SoulCycle

SoulCycleThis full body indoor cycling workout was founded in NYC by Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler and has since expanded to Los Angels, where I heard about it from my new(ish) friend Mary Rambin. She and I met a few months back after being “internet” buds (sounds so much creeper than it is) for a couple of years, and I am a fan of her amazing lifestyle blog Mary recently relocated back to LA after living in NYC, ATL, and traveling here and there an everywhere in between.

Now I am no stranger to indoor cycling classes and am a regular at YAS in Venice, CA. My first SoulCycle class I was lucky enough to have Mary by my side explaining a lot of what Soul is about. Class ended, one green juice, and 2 hours of convo later, Mary told me she was headed back to NYC to become a certified teacher with Soul. Fast forward to a few weeks after completing the 3 week certification program, and we were reunited. This time with Mary on the mic and in control of her own class.

She rocks, and let me tell you so do the classes! You will sweat, burn, hurt, feel fatigued, possibly cry, smile, laugh, yell, clap, groove, and in the end feel strong and empowered. I love it. Now they just have to mosey on down to the South Bay.

Oakley Gear- Soul Cycle

Find everything I’m wearing on

If you want to check out one of Mary’s classes, hit her up on Twitter ~Facebook~Email: and maybe I will see you at a class soon! I plan to be at the Santa Monica location on 6/29 @6am, so if you are an early bird come cycle it out with Mary and I! She is also teaching Sunday 6/21 @4p and Monday 6/22 @6a.

2. Pound

Pound This workout will blow your mind. I just recently posted an InstaVid (Instagram Video) from an event they had in Santa Monica, and that will only give you a teeny tiny incline of what the heck this is!

Created and founded by Cristina Peerenboom and Kirsten Potenza, this upbeat intense full body workout will get you in shape and make you want to become a drummer in a band…all at the same time. I just love what these girls are doing. I’m lucky enough to be friends with them, but to be honest..if I didn’t know them I still would give this an endorsement because it plainly just kicks ass.

Pound Party

From the website: POUND fuses Pilates, isometric movements, plyometric and Yoga-based poses into a 45-minute, fat-burning cardio workout. Plus, it incorporates all the benefits of drumming! You actually use weighted drumsticks and it’s freaking fun. Check out their website for more info on where you can take a class, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

If you are tired of your routine and want to kick your workouts up a notch, or are just looking for new fun ways to workout in a group settingthen I highly recommend you checking out Soul Cycle and Pound.


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