A homemade go to recipe when it’s cold and rainy outside. I loved it so much as a kid, and even more now because it only takes 10 minutes and 5 ingredients.

  • Acini di pepe pasta (about 1 cup feeds 2-3 people; well.)
  • One egg
  • Milk (any kind as long as it’s unsweetened if you are using soy or almond)
  • Butter (I use Earth balance. Tastes exactly like butter)
  • S&P (to taste)

Boil pasta in slightly salted water. Cook for 8 minutes or until al dente.

Strain, add back into pot on low heat.

Mix in beaten egg. Stir until egg is well mixed in and fully cooked.

Add pepper and salt (if needed) to taste.

Serve in bowl and add a splash of milk.

Get ready to be full!

Mangia, mangia!

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