Throughout the years I have been very honored to lend my name and involvement to various charities, especially when I was a NFL Cheerleader for the Denver Broncos from 2000-2006. Now as a host and emcee, my role has changed but my want to give back to my community has stayed the same. So to   

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Been a fan for a very long time. He’s not in a #DenverBroncos uniform here, but tonight during #MNF he’s going to kill it in one!! #PhotoFlashback (Taken with Instagram)

Not only is that the question of the day, since the news came out about Lance Armstrong being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and being banned from the sport of cycling all together by USADA. He was faced with the decision to head into arbitration since his lawsuit was thrown out, and   

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Chad Johnson vs. His Wife Head butting your wife (or husband, however you want to see it) after only a little over a month of being married is what I like to call a jump start to a successful life together. The long time receiver was released from jail on $2,500 bond and subsequently the   

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Will and I say “Giddy Up” on a busy week! (Taken with Instagram)

Bringing out the red lips for #IndyGP and @redbull Interesting qualifying day (Taken with Instagram at Pit Lane Indianapolis 500)

Absolutely inspiring!! Manuel De Los Santos is incredible.

#TopRecruiter still shot in MIA. Coming soon! #realityTV (Taken with Instagram)


Good thing you were at the end of my amazing drive to the valley. See you soon!

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