So full! More protein in this meal than an 12oz. steak! #veg (Taken with Instagram)

Try grilled Mahi Mahi w/corn avocado salsa, simple summer salad, and grilled garlic naan. Hashtag #ReneesRecipes if you want it!

You ask, and shall receive. This recipe is soooo easy. In fact I have a hard time even calling it a recipe. All I do is heat up a combination of brown rice, bulgar, and quinoa. I get mine from Trader Joes, but if you don’t have one then just use whatever you like. I’ve   

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Who says packaged foods can’t be healthy? (Taken with Instagram)

Strawberry protein shake with a straw. @karenakatrina @toneitup @perfectfit (Taken with Instagram)

Having a little coffee with my creme and sugar this AM (Taken with Instagram)

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