Hi Jamie,

Thanks so much for following my blog! So nice of you to write in as well! Juicing is one of my favorite things to do in the AM, and the few recipes you have noticed on here are kind of my go to’s. I love experimenting with new fresh ingredients too and will definitely post some more soon. Anything you are looking for in particular, or any ingredient you don’t want me to include?

My juicer is this one:

I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond!

This juicer rocks, but may be on the more expensive side. My advice on that is to research some that have dual speeds and make sure the high speed is around 12,000 RPM, but to be honest this one is worth the investment! My mom bought the Jack Lalanne juicer and it is more of a hassle and doesn’t do the trick.

Thanks again, and hope this helps!


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