This is one of my family recipes. I mastered it when I was in school and now make it about once a month. Some of you may have had pasta fagioli before in restaurants, but my Italian side of the family has adopted the pasta fazool version. This pronunciation comes from Italian-American slang for the   

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Here is the recipe you all were asking about over the holiday. A woman my mother works with gave her this amazing recipe that can be so versatile! Since my mom is the best and so accommodating, she made this special for me to enjoy with breakfast and as taco filling we ate while watching   

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So full! More protein in this meal than an 12oz. steak! #veg (Taken with Instagram)


Been a fan for a very long time. He’s not in a #DenverBroncos uniform here, but tonight during #MNF he’s going to kill it in one!! #PhotoFlashback (Taken with Instagram)

These bad boys took me for an amazing sunset ride tonight. #BeachRun (Taken with Instagram)

Beautifully hurtful, but amazing to see the growth of our country 11 years later! #NeverForget (Taken with Instagram)

Fun day in El Porto. Gotta love the home waves and the push by @youboykj (Taken with Instagram)

Not only is that the question of the day, since the news came out about Lance Armstrong being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and being banned from the sport of cycling all together by USADA. He was faced with the decision to head into arbitration since his lawsuit was thrown out, and   

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Chad Johnson vs. His Wife Head butting your wife (or husband, however you want to see it) after only a little over a month of being married is what I like to call a jump start to a successful life together. The long time receiver was released from jail on $2,500 bond and subsequently the   

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Try grilled Mahi Mahi w/corn avocado salsa, simple summer salad, and grilled garlic naan. Hashtag #ReneesRecipes if you want it!

You ask, and shall receive. This recipe is soooo easy. In fact I have a hard time even calling it a recipe. All I do is heat up a combination of brown rice, bulgar, and quinoa. I get mine from Trader Joes, but if you don’t have one then just use whatever you like. I’ve   

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Who says packaged foods can’t be healthy? (Taken with Instagram)

Trunk disaster after a fun shoot with @marcblackwell for my new website. Will be up soon!! (Taken with Instagram)

Will and I say “Giddy Up” on a busy week! (Taken with Instagram)

Amazing end to an even more amazing holiday weekend. #grindworkcontinueson (Taken with Instagram)

Gone fishin’. 17” rainbow trout. #catchandrelease #MT (Taken with Instagram)

Big Sky Wedding. So happy for @chelseatime and Mr. Chamberbabe (Taken with Instagram)

Burning sky. #Yellowstone (Taken with Instagram)

Goodnight Yogi. Goodnight Boo Boo. Jellystone can’t compare! (Taken with Instagram)

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