Not very tough looking but officially certified to ride a motorcycle. DMV here I come!

Robin Roberts Has Bone Marrow Transplant (by enews)

So full! More protein in this meal than an 12oz. steak! #veg (Taken with Instagram)


Been a fan for a very long time. He’s not in a #DenverBroncos uniform here, but tonight during #MNF he’s going to kill it in one!! #PhotoFlashback (Taken with Instagram)

These bad boys took me for an amazing sunset ride tonight. #BeachRun (Taken with Instagram)

Beautifully hurtful, but amazing to see the growth of our country 11 years later! #NeverForget (Taken with Instagram)

Fun day in El Porto. Gotta love the home waves and the push by @youboykj (Taken with Instagram)

Who says packaged foods can’t be healthy? (Taken with Instagram)

Trunk disaster after a fun shoot with @marcblackwell for my new website. Will be up soon!! (Taken with Instagram)

Will and I say “Giddy Up” on a busy week! (Taken with Instagram)

Amazing end to an even more amazing holiday weekend. #grindworkcontinueson (Taken with Instagram)

Gone fishin’. 17” rainbow trout. #catchandrelease #MT (Taken with Instagram)

Big Sky Wedding. So happy for @chelseatime and Mr. Chamberbabe (Taken with Instagram)

Burning sky. #Yellowstone (Taken with Instagram)

Goodnight Yogi. Goodnight Boo Boo. Jellystone can’t compare! (Taken with Instagram)

Keeping it classy while on the road. My travel tip video coming soon. Scotchtape not included (Taken with Instagram)

Questioning my shoe collection. @yourboykj we need to talk about this 🙂 (Taken with Instagram)

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