So appropriate for this day in LA. Love the ending to this song! If you Elay-ians are sick of the torrential downpour, at least this song with bring some light to your day. Enjoy!

Day at the office

I recommend the Nintendo Wii Bowling game to anyone! High score tonight!! Whoo hoo!!

Cinderella win for the Jets!!

This looks dreamy! From nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip, Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft, which flew its first test flight last month, reflects the most advanced aviation technology out there. That includes its aerodynamic design, engines, flight controls, and avionics. One bullish analyst has referred to it as the ‘iPhone of aviation,’   

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New Kicks: HH Boots are sweet, but definitely not for PETA peeps!

Renée’s Pasta Fagioli or Pasta Fazool (In 10 easy steps!) This is one of my family recipes. I mastered it when I was in school and now make it about once a month. Some of you may have had pasta fagioli before in restaurants, but my Italian side of the family has adopted the pasta   

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Kind of my fave song of the day, or maybe the last 5 1/2 months.

Kings of Leon: Use Somebody

Donate. Today. Please. To help the people of Haiti. If you have $5 laying around that you know you will spend on Starbuck’s, you can help out by texting the word “yele” to 501501. Or if you can spare even an added $5 text the word “haiti” to 90999. Other ways to lend a hand   

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I would personally like to thank Google for providing free WiFi at McCarren International Airport. The web browsing has kept me thoroughly entertained as I sit patiently awaiting my red blue and orange flying machine to arrive. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise, because instead of my plane leaving at 11:05 am   

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New York or Vegas 🙂 The travel state I’m in, I would believe either!

Watching “Inside the Mind of Google” on YouTube while I am searching Google on Google and checking my Gmail. Wow!

The start of a new blog!

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