This recipe is another family traditions. It is so easy, even my boyfriend who thinks it’s okay to microwave eggs can make it!

I suggest making this recipe when you need a filling lunch or dinner, only have 20-30 minutes, and $5 in your pocket. Literally!

Here’s what you need: Serves 2-4

  • ½- pound angel hair pasta. (I used Barilla; whole-wheat pasta is a good option.)
  • 4 –tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. (May seem like a lot, but this is the base of the sauce.)
  • 2- 14.5 oz. cans of tomatoes in juice, diced.
  • 2-4 cloves of fresh garlic (I use four large cloves because I believe garlic is the fountain of youth!)
  • ½ teaspoon dried basil.
  • Salt
  • Optional: crushed red pepper flake

What you do:

    1. Bring water and about two palms full of salt in a large saucepan to a boil. The water should cover the pasta completely.
    2. Heat the olive oil and in a medium saucepan. Heat should be on medium high.
    3. Add the minced (chopped into teeny- tiny pieces of) garlic and cook until it is light brown, about a minute. Do NOT burn the garlic, or it will make the entire dish bitter.
    4. Add the tomatoes and a dash of salt to taste. Bring to a boil, about 15 minutes.
    5. After the sauce has been boiling, drop heat to low and add the dried basil.
    6. Add pasta to boiling water and cook 4-5 minutes max.
    7. Drain pasta, keeping a cup of the pasta water to ad to the sauce in case it becomes too thick.
    8. Pour sauce over pasta, combine and serve.
    9. Optional: add ¼ teaspoon (or to taste; I like mine spicy) red pepper flake.
    10. Simple, light but filling, and pocket friendly. Enjoy!

Mangia, Mangia! (Translation: Eat, eat in Italian.)

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